My Projects

My Projects are located either on github or bitbucket. While I think Mercurial is a bit easier to use than git, github has a bigger community, so, I will eventually move all my repositories over to github.

  • Falldown

  • I wrote fall down for fun and to learn JavaScript and the Canvas HTML5 element. Only works in Firefox currently.

  • Tetris

  • I wrote Tetris in Scheme for the Fundumentals of Computer Science Course at Northeastern.

    Going above the requirements, I added a pause and reset function as well as a better GUI that included the next Tetris piece to show up

  • Game of Life

  • Originally written as a console application with GUI output for the Java Computer Science Advanced Placement course.

    During Freshmen Honors Seminar, at Northeastern University, I revamped it to include a full Swing GUI

  • Game of Life

  • This is another version of Conway's Game of Life. This version is created using JavaScript and HTML5's Canvas Element.

    It also can export itself via a link. Whenever someone shares a link, it gets added to the gameoflife account.

  • Spacewar

  • While tutoring the Fundamentals of Computer Science Course, to better understand the game they were writing, Spacewar, I wrote my own version with spiffy graphics as well as a control panel at the bottom of the screen

  • Set.js

  • A JavaScript library for mathematical sets. This was also created to learn more about Node.js's module system.