Game of Life
This is my implementation of Conway's Game of Life. It is a cellular automaton and it is very interesting. I originally implemented this during my Junior year of high school in the AP Computer Science class, back then I had a console input with a graphic output. However, this applet is a GUI of my previous version. It allows you to drag and drop to create cells. Click on the help button in the toolbar for more information on how to use my applet. At the bottom of the page you could also find a link to the javadocs and source code of my implementation. Please, if you use it in some way shape or form let me know, and dont use it for profit. Thank you.

I have created a new version of this application using JavaScript and HTML5's Canvas tag. It is available here.

picture of my game of life applet
Click the the screenshot to be taken to a page that will load the java applet. You will need to have Java installed and enabled on your browser, otherwise, you could probably download and run the source code.